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Beer-swilling Goat, Clay Henry

In 1992, the fun-loving folks of Lajitas pronounced a spotted Spanish goat their mayor. No ordinary goat, Mayor Clay Henry Jr. displayed a capacity for beer that would have put any serious swiller to shame. Junior, as he was known, tended to civic affairs from the Lajitas Trading Post, where, like his daddy, Clay Henry Sr. (who was killed at age 23 in a fight over a doe), he chugalugged Lone Star beers to the amazement of townsfolk and tourists.

The TV show A Current Affair aired Junior's act several times, and his celebrity grew. He appeared on Sally Jessy Raphael's show and guzzled suds in the Kenny Rogers movie Gambler V. Letters and phone calls poured in to Junior's owner, Roger Gibson of Terlingua. "He is the most famous goat in the world," Gibson declared modestly.

When then-Governor Ann Richards campaigned in Lajitas for reelection, she inadvertently ignored the popular mayor. The clamor over her breach of protocol brought Junior an apology and an invitation to lunch on the Governor's Mansion lawn in Austin. (Junior decided against a trip to the big city.)

On the night of November 30, 1998, after a short illness, Junior died at the ripe old age (for a goat) of 12. Although his death ended his political and showbiz careers, he left Clay Henry III to follow in his hoofsteps.

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