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35 Things We Love About Texas - Griff Smith

35 Things Photo Editor Griff Smith Loves About Texas.

1.    I was born here.
2.    I grew up here.
3.    I live here.
4.    Driving back roads.
5.    Beautiful sunsets.
6.    Spectacular sunrises.
7.    The big blue skies.
8.    Texas Hospitality.
9.    Interesting people.
10.    Proud people.
11.    The characters that I meet during my travels.
12.    The musicians that I get to jam with.
13.    Learning about Texas history.
14.    All the different landscapes.
15.    Felling at home anywhere I go in the state.
16.    Saying howdy.
17.    The weather.
18.    Sunshine.
19.    The diversity in cultures throughout the state.
20.    All the ins and outs of a lot of small towns.
21.    My network of friends and colleagues all over the state.
22.    Being accepted with my Texas drawl.
23.    Listening to others with a Texas drawl.
24.    Being able to drive all day long and still be in Texas.
25.    I love Texas women.
26.    Texas music
27.    Going to a full moon barn dance in South Austin.
28.    Walking around Lady Bird Lake.
29.    Going to the Texas Steel Guitar Jamboree 
30.    Live music in Austin.
31.    Playing steel guitar on stage anywhere in the state.
32.    Listening to some of the best players for free.
33.    People watching anywhere and everywhere.
34.    The beautiful skylines.
35.    The wildflowers.

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From the March 2009 issue.

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