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Top Tables: Spoonbills Satisfies

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Spoonbills' Fried Green Tomato Tower by Kevin VandivierBy Kevin Vandivier


In my 30-year career as a photojournalist, I’ve often had the opportunity to try new eateries during my travels. Recently, I hit the road to shoot a story and eat my way from Rockport to Crystal Beach.


When I reached Matagorda, I learned of a great new restaurant called Spoonbills. Though it was late, I headed on over to grab a meal. I arrived to a parking lot full of cars, and folks leaving with big smiles and doggie bags. Usually a good sign!


As soon as I stepped out of the car, my first thought was “Oh my goodness, what is that incredible aroma?!” I climbed the four wood stairs to the deck and opened the screen door where I was greeted by multiple smiles as people looked up from their plates. Not since my kids were young and had found the Christmas chocolate have I seen such smiles.


Only one table was open, and I was immediately seated with a menu in hand. The choices all looked so good … fried shrimp; marinated flat-iron steak; nut-crusted, pan-seared fish; and stuffed crab—my all-time favorite seafood dish.  For my starter, the waiter suggested the Fried Green Tomato Tower, a stack of perfectly cooked shrimp and crab claws layered with fried green tomatoes and a house-made remoulade sauce. Torn between that and the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, I did what all true Texans do in this situation: I ordered both.


Spoonbills’ service is as outstanding as the food. My stuffed crab arrived, hand-delivered by chef Edie Pruitt, who is also one of the restaurant’s owners.  Edie and her sister, Maree Allen, opened Spoonbills in July 2007, and it was a success from day one. “Seafood just caught always tastes best,” effuses Edie. The chef meets the seafood boats at the docks to hand-pick her choices. She feels the same way about the restaurant’s fruits, vegetables, and other entrées (yes, Spoonbills serves steaks, chicken, and barbecue, too).


Before you go, check out these essentials!

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