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Window on Texas: Macro Photography

Texas Highways Photo Editor Griff Smith demonstrates how to take crisp close-up pictures, even using a point-and-shoot camera.

Window on Texas, March 2012

With spring’s arrival comes the urge to photograph the wildflowers that populate Texas fields and roadsides. While colorful landscapes beckon, TH Photography Editor Griff Smith says it’s worthwhile to try to capture the beauty of a single flower. This image of a Texas thistle, which reveals a burst of spiky, variegated petals, illustrates his point. “First, select the macro mode on your camera, which, on most point-and-shoots, is indicated by a tulip symbol,” says Smith. “This allows you to get one or two inches away from the flower and focus in on the details. Remember, keeping some background in the frame can give the photo a sense of place.”

Texas thistles bloom April through August and abound throughout the state. This image was taken along a county road near Fayetteville.

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