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Window on Texas: Surface Preparation

Texas Highways Photo Editor Griff Smith demonstrates some unusual methods for making your subjects look better before you ever press the shutter button. Recorded at Lammes Candies in Austin, Texas.

Window on Texas, January 2013

A few simple techniques can smooth out imperfections and make the surface of an object pop and come alive in a photograph. Photography Editor Griff Smith shows how to use a short blast from a hair dryer to remove scratches from a selection of chocolates at Austin’s Lammes Candies. “The hair dryer heats up the chocolate and makes the imperfections melt into each other,” Smith said. Similar treatments for other objects include applying oil to a rock or spraying water on a flower.

For this photograph, Smith chose slabs of solid chocolate called “break-up,” a raspberry truffle, and licorice jellybeans. Lammes Candies, known for its Texas Chewie Pecan Pralines and Longhorns (chocolate, pecans, and caramel), has four locations in Austin and one in Round Rock. Call 800/252-1885;

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