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Window on Texas: Adjusting White Balance

Texas Highways Photo Editor Griff Smith explains how manually adjusting your camera's white balance can improve your pictures.

Window on Texas, November 2012

The Dublin Rodeo exhibit at the Dublin Historical Museum presented a perfect opportunity for Texas Highways Photography Editor Griff Smith to demonstrate the benefits of accurate white balance for those who don’t use photo-editing software. “If you’re shooting indoors and your colors are looking weird, you might want to look at where your white balance is set,” Smith says. One photo shows the typical yellow-green color that a camera picks up when a room is lit with fluorescent lights. The second photo shows what Smith achieved after setting the camera’s white-balance feature.

The Dublin Historical Museum, which illustrates the history of the town from the mid-1850s to the present, is at 116 W. Blackjack St. Call 254/445-4550.

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