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Window on Texas: Using an Off-Camera Flash

Texas Highways Photo Editor Griff Smith highlights how to use a flash more effectively by removing it from the top of your camera.

Window on Texas, August 2012

Excavations at the Gault Site, in southernmost Bell County, have uncovered stone artifacts that suggest a human presence in Central Texas at least 2,000 years earlier than the Clovis Period (13,500 to 12,500 years ago), adding fuel to the debate about when humans first arrived in the Americas. Photography Editor Griff Smith used an off-camera flash to showcase a flake found at the 15,000-year level, which was chipped off when an early artisan made a stone tool. “This allowed me to direct the light on the flake, show the texture of the dirt, and create more depth,” says Smith.

For tours of the Gault Site, visit (Gault School of Archaeological Research), or call 512/245-8734 (Gault Project, Texas State University).

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