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Window on Texas: Photographing Sunsets

Texas Highways Photo Editor Griff Smith shares photography tips to help you take pictures at sunset that have a sense of place.

Window on Texas, April 2012

“Photographers send us a lot of sunset photos,” says Texas Highways Photography Editor Griff Smith. “And while they can be beautiful, and the silhouettes often compelling, we don’t run many of them because they usually don’t offer a sense of place.” But even Smith is smitten by the occasional sunset scene, as was the case when he captured this image in Big Bend Ranch State Park. “The sun had just set, and the colors and depth of the mountains, along with the color of the sky, made the scene irresistible,” he says. “The key is to wait for the sun to go down and to include some recognizable objects in the foreground. The ocotillo in this photo establishes the Chihuahuan Desert setting.”

Big Bend Ranch State Park extends from southeast of Presidio to near Lajitas. The Sierra Cuchillo Parado mountains lie to the west. Call 432/358-4444;

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