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As a photographer for some 20 years, I have captured Texas’ people and places on numerous occasions, but my passion lies in shooting our wide-open spaces. I’ve photographed in the Hill Country and the Big Bend, on the High Plains and the Gulf Coast, and I still experience a fresh sense of awe every time I turn my lens to the state’s great outdoors.

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On the Road With Texas Highways: A Tribute to True Texas

After 30 years of shaping the pages of this magazine with his signature creativity, Photo Editor J. Griffis Smith retired from Texas Highways this summer.

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Throughout the year, Texas Highways showcases the people, places, and wide-open spaces of the Lone Star State, but we can't be everywhere at once. That is where you—our readers—come in. You're consistently sharing your own perspectives on what makes Texas great, and we'd like to showcase some of that. Share your photos and we'll consider them for inclusion in our periodic reader-submitted photos gallery.

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After 30 years with Texas Highways, as photo contributor and including six years as Photography Editor, Griff Smith is retiring from the magazine. We just wrapped up the August issue, our last issue with Griff.

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The Farm-to-Market roads of Austin County offer beautiful scenic routes in the springtime.

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The main entrance roads to Big Bend National Park offer about 50 meandering miles of glorious scenery.

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Located along Old US 67, now Van Zandt Road near Glen Rose, this structure of rock, petrified wood, and multicolored brick is what remains of the abandoned “Outlaw Station,” a filling station and Prohibition-era speakeasy.

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In the October 2013 issue, writer Bob McCullough teams up with San Antonio-based photographer Vincent McDonald to show us Shonto Ranch, a hunting retreat near Kerrville that also offers photographic safaris. We recently asked Vincent for some tips on animal photography.

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Native to southern Africa and well-adapted to arid regions in the United States and Mexico, gemsbok make excellent photo subjects. They’re most active at dawn and dusk. (Photo by Vincent McDonald)

From her vantage point hundreds of feet above a grassy plain bisected by a meandering stream, Beth Yoes of Beaumont aimed her digital camera at the sweeping vista, clicked the shutter, and captured the breathtaking scene.

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park. (Photo by Tim Fitzharris)

Texans who are lucky enough to live among the vistas of this great big state share a common morning ritual: We get up, we grab our coffee, and we walk to the window to take in our own special view of the desert mountains or the Hill Country or the Gulf Coast waves. The routine is an affirmation of sorts, confirming a kindred sensibility that the world is still a beautiful place to live. But even if your view is nothing more than the neighbor’s scruffy lawn, consider yourself fortunate. Our highways offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the vistas of the Texas landscape, whether you live in the midst of one or not.

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