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Talk to TH: March 2011

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Texas Highways, January 2011Daytripper Props

I love Chet Garner’s show on PBS, and he’ll do a great job with TH Daytripper.


TH Facebook Fan

Enjoyed Chet Garner’s coverage of Lockhart and Kreuz Market in TH Daytripper [January]. I won’t argue whether Kreuz or Louie Mueller’s in Taylor has the best barbecue, but as to smoked sausage, I think it’s Mueller’s. A few years ago, I went by both places on my way to a Wink High School reunion. I brought sausage from each place and had my old classmates decide on the best. The Mueller sausage won.

How about a TH Daytripper to Louie Mueller’s?



EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks, Mr. Peck. You’re making us hungry for both Kreuz and Mueller’s! Chet says he’s definitely planning a day-trip to Taylor. Readers, tell us about your barbecue favorites at

Bryan Thrives

We enjoyed the January article by Brady Dyer on the revitalizing of downtown Bryan. We visited and toured the La Salle Hotel—it’s a beautiful building.Unfortunately, the building pictured on page 23 is not the hotel, as the caption states.

We look forward to future visits to Bryan when more work is completed.


EDITOR’S NOTE: We regret the caption error. Apologies to our friends in Bryan!

My family lives in Austin, but our ancestors have lived in Bryan since the 1840s. My great-grandfather worked on the A&M campus and built the historic Eugene Edge home. Last fall we stopped by downtown and went in the Carnegie Library. They have done a great job in restoring the library and other downtown buildings. Thank you for the informative article.



Winter Beaching: Last Chance!

We just spent a few days in Port Aransas. It was great having the beach mostly to ourselves and the dog. There are some terrific restaurants in Port Aransas.


TH Facebook Fan, Austin

TH Reader Recommendation

All Hail Kingsville

While in Kingsville showing our visitors the beautiful A&M-Kingsville campus, we were directed to El Tapatio Restaurant. This spar-kling-clean restaurant serves excellent Mexican food, and all to fit the most modest budget. Freshly prepared food, authentic spices, and excellent service. Our server made some suggestions, including fresh shrimp cocktail—better than any I had ever had!


El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant is at 630 W. Santa Gertrudis, 361/516-1655. For more on Texas A&M University-Kingsville, go to

From the March 2011 issue.

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