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Let the Spirit Move You: The Perfect Sip

Texas Old-Fashioned
Written by Kristy Alpert.

Texans have always found a way to break the mold and handle things with their own flair. The same is true for Texas bourbon; despite an unspoken rule to sip it neat, even Leonard Firestone of the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company in Fort Worth recommends drinking it your way.


“We think people should drink our whiskey however they like it,” Firestone says. “Whether neat, on the rocks, or in a cock-
tail, find what is most pleasing to you. That said, we think it’s worth trying it neat first, then with a couple of ice cubes to open it up, because you will quickly taste the quality, complexity, and handcrafted care we put into the product.”                       

 If a cocktail is how you roll, here’s a bourbon blend as bold as Texan pride:

Texas Old-Fashioned

In a large old-fashioned glass, muddle a small orange wedge with  ounce simple syrup (a mixture of half water, half sugar). Add 1.5 ounces Texas bourbon,  3/4 ounce Paula’s Texas Orange liqueur, 2 dashes orange bitters, and ice. Stir.

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