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Hot Dr Pepper

I’ve always been interested in Dr Pepper,” Jack McKinney tells me as we sit down together at the soda fountain inside the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco. Jack has been with the museum for 13 years and serves as its executive director. “When I interviewed for the job, I brought a picture of me from the 1970s drinking Dr Pepper, just to show them I’m a longtime fan.”

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In a springtime issue of Garden & Gun magazine, I spied a recipe for a cocktail that seemed simultaneously delicious and peculiar. Created at an Alabama gastropub and dubbed the Talluluh, the drink is a sweet-and-salty mix of bourbon, Coca-Cola, and peanut orgeat. Orgeat, a concoction usually made with almonds, is a star ingredient in drinks like the mai tai, where it lends a smooth richness. Here, the orgeat is made with peanuts, and it contributes a salty and slight creaminess to a cocktail meant to conjure memories of dropping a handful of roasted peanuts into an ice-cold Coke on a summer day.

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