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Cathy Barber, Food Editor, The Dallas Morning News provided this recipe.

Published in Recipes: Desserts

Mince meat pies

Yields: 12 pints, or enough filling for 12 pies.

Published in Recipes: Desserts

Makes one loaf


Published in Recipes: Breads

TH contributor Gerald McLeod says his mother, Carol McLeod, who lives in Burleson, makes fried chicken that no chef has ever been able to duplicate. Two of her secrets: Crisco shortening and a large cast-iron skillet.

Published in Recipes: Entrees

Perfect for a special luncheon, this salad features two summertime favorites, corn and tomatoes. If you don't want to stuff the tomatoes, the corn mixture tastes good by itself.

Hudson’s on the Bend restaurant, near Austin, has served this unusual pudding for more than 10 years. We adapted the original recipe to serve fewer people.

This hearty dish works well for breakfast or brunch. Try it with tortilla chips and picante sauce on the side.

Looking for something to spice up a TV evening? This zesty popcorn will do the trick.

Published in Recipes: Appetizers

Looking for something different to cook on the grill? Hearty, saucer-shaped portobellos can serve as a delicious stand-in for hamburgers. This recipe is adapted from one provided by the Mushroom Council.

A medley of mushrooms adds distinction to an old standby. We used whites, creminis, lobsters, and shiitake, but other varieties will work, too.

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