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Tacos de Carne Guisada

Photo by J. Griffis Smith

The filling for these tacos resembles a chili-flavored beef stew. This recipe calls for flour tortillas, which you can buy commercially. 

Yield: 8-10 tacos 
2 T. cooking oil 
2 lb. very lean stew meat, cut into 3/4-inch chunks 
1 medium onion, chopped 
2 cloves garlic, minced 
1/2 green pepper, chopped 
1 medium tomato, chopped 
1 T. chili powder 
1/2 tsp. ground cumin 
2 T. canned tomato purée 
salt and pepper to taste 
1 T. plus 1 tsp. cooking oil 
2 T. flour 8-10 flour tortillas, warmed 
Brown meat in 2 T. hot oil in a large skillet or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add onion, garlic, and green pepper; reduce heat, and cook until vegetables begin to soften, about 2-3 minutes. Add tomato, chili powder, and cumin, and cook another minute. Stir in tomato purée, salt, pepper, and enough water to cover the contents. Simmer, covered, until meat is tender, about 1 hour and 45 minutes, adding water as necessary to keep liquid level about half that of the meat. Just before stew is done, make a roux: Heat 1 T. plus 1 tsp. oil in a small saucepan over medium heat; add flour, whisking constantly, and cook until mixture begins to turn golden and has a nutty odor. Remove from heat, and set aside. When meat is done, whisk 1 tsp. of roux into the liquid, and continue simmering for about 30 seconds. If necessary, add more roux in small increments until liquid is thick enough to bind ingredients together. To assemble tacos, divide mixture among flour tortillas. 
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