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Sweet Tamales

Adapted from a recipe that appears in Patricia Quintana's book Mexico's Feast of Life, this recipe for sweet tamales was…

Puffy Tacos

You’ll need a tortilla press to make the shells for these unusual tacos. A large metal spatula is also helpful.…

Tortilla Soup

Serves 6 - 8

Tex-Mex Tacos

For maximum taste per bite, layer the ground beef, guacamole, beans, and cheese side-ways rather than vertically. Note also that…

Enchiladas del Jardín (Garden Enchiladas)

These enchiladas work particularly well served on individual plates and cooked in a microwave. Cook each plate of 3 enchiladas…

Enchiladas Con Crema

Adapted from a dish served at El Café de Tacuba in Mexico City, these enchiladas have a French influence and…

West Texas/New Mexico-Style Enchiladas

Preparing the Red Chili Sauce takes some time, but the results are worth it!
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