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Recipes: Entrees

Fresh Corn Tamales

Margaret Victor, a high school teacher from Sandia, gives this vegetarian recipe for tamales. For the best flavor, Margaret says…

Grilled Blackened Catfish

Although the owners of Catfish Corner declined to divulge their recipe for fried catfish, they offer this recipe for Grilled…

Puffy Tacos

You’ll need a tortilla press to make the shells for these unusual tacos. A large metal spatula is also helpful.…

Turkey and Rice Quiche

The USA Rice Council in Houston suggests this savory way to serve leftover holiday turkey.

Brennan's Grilled Mako Shark

From Brennan's of Houston, prepared by owners Alex Brennan-Martin and Dice Brennan with cooperation of Chef Carl.

Smoked Amberjack

Use a barrel-shaped barbecue smoker with adjustable shelves and a pan for liquid. Serve the fish warm or at room…

Smoked Shrimp

From Galveston's Tremont Hotel, prepared by Executive Chef John Watt.

Marinated Ham

Serves 20 to 30.


French Chef Michel Bernard Platz, co-owner with Jose Sanabria of Out of Flower cooking school and specialty catering in Dallas,…

Wanda's Chicken en Mole Poblano

Restaurateur Mariano Martinez, owner of Mariano's Mexican Cuisine in Dallas and Arlington, learned Mexican food traditions from his grandmother, Gabina…
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