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Talk to TH: February 2011

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Magazine CoverBeachy Keen

December’s winter-beaching story puts a fun new perspective on a place overlooked this time of year. I may tour the entire coast using this article!


TH Facebook fan

Border Beauty

E. Dan Klepper’s “Flights of Fancy” article [December] was of special interest because I was the City Commissioner who represented McAllen at the property auction when Quinta Mazatlan was sold in 1998. The very thought of this historic property being demolished to make way for a commercial development spurred our city to place the winning bid and subsequently renovate the mansion and surrounding property into what is, in my opinion, the finest birding facility as yet established.



Life of Pie

I enjoyed Lois Rodriguez’ TH Taste on pie [December]. Traveling to and from Texas A&M years ago, I would always stop at Frank’s Restaurant in Schulenburg to have a hamburger and a piece of pie. I later passed that way again, and although the restaurant had moved, the pies had not changed. And this past winter we stopped there while driving from Houston to Austin. I had a slice of coconut cream pie with a meringue at least six inches high; my wife had a scrumptious piece of pecan pie. I told our waitress that these pies were one of the few things that I was willing to say were just as good as they used to be.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks also to Rita Shas Reindl of Longview, who wrote in with fond memories of the Black Bottom Pie at Earl Abel’s in San Antonio, and to Sheila Massey Dotson of Millican, who says Hullabaloo Diner in Wellborn has the “best pies ever!”


Lover’s Leap

Regarding December’s TH Daytripper on Waco: Those who drive to the top of Lover’s Leap in Cameron Park will enjoy views of the Bosque River, not the Brazos.



EDITOR’S NOTE: You’re right, Mr. Kittlitz! The Bosque River joins the Brazos River downstream.


Czech Connection

I enjoyed Nola McKey’s “New Adventures in Old La Grange” [December]. In 1880, my mother’s father was one of the many Czech immigrants to Fayette County. He attended secondary school to learn English, and was employed by the school system to teach English. He was one of the original group of men who founded a burial society, which became the KJT with headquarters in La Grange.


Slidell, Louisiana

EDITOR’S NOTE: An additional note on La Grange: The bust of the Marquis de Lafayette in the Fayette County Courthouse pictured on the December back cover was sculpted by Fayetteville artist Pat Johnson.

TH Reader Recommendation

Base Hit
The expanded Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum in Denison has opened a new building on the site of the former base (which closed in 1971). The museum collection originally covered only Perrin and its history, but now includes items related to all branches of our nation’s military. The dedicated Air Force veterans who volunteer at the museum have done a great job.


Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum is at 436 McCullum Ave.; 903/786-8741;


From the February 2011 issue.

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