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Lubbock Lights: Barton House Memories

While covering the National Ranching Heritage Center’s Candlelight at the Ranch event last year, I had a chance meeting with Pat Bridgers, a Lubbock resident who had a special reason for being there. We were waiting to enter the 1909 Barton House, a two-and-a-half-story ranch home that was moved to the NRHC from Hale County, She told me that her mother, Alma Wilson, had worked for the Barton family (Jack and Josephine Barton) in this very same house in the 1930s.

“She helped Mrs. Barton with the cooking and housework, and my dad, Earnest Wilson, helped Mr. Barton with the cattle and sheep on the farm,” she said. “The fact that my mom and dad, who are both gone now, spent a lot of time in the house makes it very special to me. I wasn’t even born then, so I think it’s neat that after all these years, I can come and see it.”

Barton decendants have also given the house good reviews. “In 2009, some 30 family members traveled to Lubbock to join us when we celebrated the centennial of the house,” says Dr. Robert Tidwell, the NRHC's curator of historic collections. “During the visit, the family delightedly expressed their approval of what we have done for the structure and how we have cared for it.

“Visitors often relate to us how other structures revive memories of personal experiences or remind them of stories that they heard from parents and grandparents about life in West Texas and the South Plains, as well as in other parts of the country.”

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