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Wipe Out!

Written by Rebecca Fontenot.

SURFERS AND WANNABE shredders, listen up: Catch a wave to downtown Corpus Christi, and experience life when your biggest cares were how far-out your surfboard looked and if you could ride the waves long enough to impress the other kids on the beach.

From June 1 through October 31, the Texas Surf Museum presents Surfin’ thru the ’70s. In addition to classic surf art, surfboard designs, and vintage surfwear, video footage and photographs of Texas surfers riding the Gulf Coast waves in the 1970s offer a sweet picture of surfer life. Mood rings, pet rocks, Farrah Fawcett posters, and Nixon newspaper headlines round out the decade’s vibe. For a real trip, step into the typical teenage surfer’s bedroom, decorated with a board in the corner, a lava lamp, and walls covered in cutouts from surf magazines.

Throughout the year, the museum commemorates Texas surfing history with memorabilia, more than 50 surfboards, photos of Texas’ top competitors, a mock garage shop with surfboard-shaping tools, and a small theater that shows continuous surf movies. Dude, check it out, and then head to the beach. Call 361/888-7873;

From the June 2007 issue.

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