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Merge: December 2013

In the November issue: Georgia O’Keeffe and Palo Duro Canyon; what’s not to love?




November Cover


Some Things You Never Forget

Regarding JFK memories [November]: The day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, this 25-year-old Texan was living in Pomona, California. I was watching my black-and-white TV as the whole tragedy unfolded right before my eyes. Lee Harvey Oswald had murdered President Kennedy from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. 
Two days later, I watched live again as Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald as he was being transferred to another, more secure jail facility in Dallas. 
This event, along with the moon landing, rates as the most important in my life, just as I’m sure it has in the lives of many Americans—especially if viewed live as happened with me.   

BUCK BUCKNER, Montgomery

The 1960 presidential election was the first election I can remember. JFK could motivate the nation through his electrifying speeches. I remember the classic inaugural speech, addressing the nation during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and of course his speech at the Berlin Wall. Despite the tragic day at Dealey Plaza, the legacy of Camelot lives on!


Stamp of Approval

The November issue stirred good memories. Gene Fowler’s “Souvenir” article caught my eye with the colorful reproductions of the Centennial stamps. I visited the Centennial several times in the summer of 1936. I was interested in the exhibits at the Hall of State, the new cars circling the lagoon in front of the Art Museum, the Texas Rangers headquarters, and the replica of the Jersey Lilly.

And Aaron Nelsen’s King Ranch tour reminded me of a tour I took decades ago. Since then, it is obvious that the King Ranch has expanded opportunities for visitors way beyond the simple, self-guided auto tour (map provided) that I recall. That map of the “Loop Road” featured 14 points of interest that apparently included most of the important sites. 
Not quite the more inclusive, personal tour the Nelsen fami-ly enjoyed, but I’m glad I had the experience.


Who’s That Lady?

Concerning the October issue: zombies, ghost stories, cemeteries, and haunted mansions. Yet, the most frightening photo of all was found on page 75 (Daytripper). I would seriously not want to run in to the “lady in white,” even in broad daylight. I am still having nightmares.

ROGER ESTES, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Great Stays

Upon reading Matt Joyce’s article on the Hotel Settles [August], I immediately booked a room. It was a great decision. The Settles is a fantastic historic hotel that compares well with the other historic hotels in Texas in which I have stayed (Limpia, Menger, Gunter, Hotel Paisano, Gage, St. Anthony). The room was plush and very comfortable and the restaurant was great.

TOM McANINCH, Longview

Our favorite social media of the month...

TH always provides great ideas of places to travel and see for myself. One area I really like is Big Bend, including Alpine and Fort Davis.


Love, love, LOVE the September piece on “Extraordinary Texans!” Bluebonnets and the Big Bend are incredible, but what makes Texas great is her people. Keep this coming!


Readers recommend

At Your Service

My sister and I had the pleasure of eating at The Texas Tea Room in Carthage. The food and service were great. If you’re lucky, Peta will be your server. She was a delight and pointed out things on the menu we might have missed. We encountered good food and people who loved what they were doing!


The Texas Tea Room is at 100 E. Sabine St., 903/693-8689;

We went to a rehearsal dinner at Brewster’s Pizza in Wimberley. What a delightful experience—a family-owned and -operated facility that was only made more interesting by the wait staff. They were all sons and daughters of the owners. And yes, they have a brewery, as well.


Brewster’s Pizza is at 9595 Ranch Road 12, Ste. 10, 512/847-3299;

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From the December 2013 issue.

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