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grapejuiceIt’s a typical Thursday evening in laid-back downtown Kerrville. From our bistro table in a niche between the wine shelves and bar, my wife and I watch the eclectic mix of locals and out-of-towners making themselves at home at Grape Juice.

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23Readers not only raved about Kerrville as a place to visit, but they also praised the city as a place to live, citing the rolling hills that frame the city, the Guadalupe River flowing through the center of town, abundant wildlife and outdoors opportunities, live theater, restaurants, art centers and galleries, and friendly people.

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Native to southern Africa and well-adapted to arid regions in the United States and Mexico, gemsbok make excellent photo subjects. They’re most active at dawn and dusk. (Photo by Vincent McDonald)

From her vantage point hundreds of feet above a grassy plain bisected by a meandering stream, Beth Yoes of Beaumont aimed her digital camera at the sweeping vista, clicked the shutter, and captured the breathtaking scene.

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At the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center in Kerrville, dozens of eclectic exhibits—often four running concurrently—come and go throughout the year. Handmade quilts might share the spotlight one month with handsome photographs; the next month, paintings, ceramics, collages, and sculptures might bask in the limelight. Only one objet d’art remains constant amid KACC’s revolving door of artworks: a miniature mesquite Ferris wheel displayed on a pedestal in one of the galleries.

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