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Merge: January 2015

San Antonio is a great destination, but my favorite destination in this wonderful state is wherever I am at the…

Merge: June 2014

I’m coming back to live in Texas and plan to see every inch of it. Your magazine will be a…

Merge: April 2014

We visited Caprock Canyons State Park [March] and loved it! We came all the way from the Netherlands to see…

Merge: March 2014

Big Bend National Park ... I never get tired of its beauty and breathtaking views! Will be back in April…

Merge: February 2014

Buddy Holly would be happy that Lubbock made the Top-40 list!—Laverne Clancy, TH Facebook Fan

Merge: January 2014

A great magazine. Been subscribing since 1976. Look forward to it each month. -Kenneth Keath, TH Facebook Fan
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