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Galveston's Moody Gardens

Outdoor ice skating in Galveston? You got it. The skating rink is just the tip of the iceberg at the 13th annual Moody Gardens Festival of Lights.

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penguinA frequent visitor to Galveston, I’m used to sighting sea turtles, dolphins, wading birds, pelicans, and even penguins. Penguins? 

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Riding the crest at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington.

Water—lots of it—is the only real relief from Texas summer heat. Thankfully, our sunny state is home to some splashing good entertainment. Hurtle down a near-sheer drop, fly through watery darkness, or drift lazily along a flowing river, fingers and toes cooled by refreshing water while your body is warmed by the sun. Sound good? Grab your sunscreen, a towel, and this guide to Texas water parks, and have a refreshing summer.

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