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Possum Kingdom Reborn

Winding around a curve on Park Road 36 on the way to the eastern shores of Possum Kingdom Lake, I breathe a sigh of…

Texas is Hot Spot for Extreme Sport Games

If you’re going to go to the “extreme,” then Texas is the place to do it, and next weekend, two…

Texas Top 40 No. 28, Possum Kingdom Lake

Some 90 miles west of Fort Worth, Possum Kingdom Lake sparkles along the upper reaches of the Brazos River.

Possum Kingdom chamber 'hopeful' about summer tourism

Nearly two years after massive wildfires, the director of Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce says tourism has rebounded but drought…

Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom Lake lies 90 miles west of Fort Worth, in Palo Pinto, Stephens, Young, and Jack counties. For information…

PK Away!

Simple pleasures in a grand setting. Sculpting sand on a broad beach. Exploring winding, wooded mountain trails. Casting lazily from…
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