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34-35 OrangeSky

In the Big Bend country of West Texas, a region composed of mountains, ocotillo flats, and grassy rangelands of the northern Chihuahuan Desert, weather is often a wily beast. A storm can rise above the arid plains in surprise puffs, turn wicked green in the blue of a Sunday afternoon, and then suddenly dissipate as if collapsing in the effort. Air currents, moisture, and temperature serve as the storm’s coconspirators, revising its characteristics in seemingly predictable yet uncanny ways. Ice, wind, and fire are its progenies, delivering a glass-shattering torrent of hailstones on a balmy spring day, kicking around a whirlwind of dust and flying debris, or, more devastating, striking up a wildfire with 100 million volts of electricity.

Published in TRAVEL
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