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Finding Unique, Hidden Attractions on Route 66

  35o 12' 23.69" N 101o 28' 17.63" W Enjoying roadside attractions while traveling Route 66 is a time-honored tradition.

The Daytripper Goes to Big Bend National Park

There is a place out west where the phrase “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” comes into its full meaning.

Where to Ride a Horse on the Beach in Matagorda

Indulging in the age-old Texas tradition of riding a horse may be the best way to experience the untouched natural…

Lufkin Finds Its Groove

I remember learning the thrill of the road trip as a child. Back then, my parents would load us up…

The Dudes Abide at These Three Historic Texas Ranches

Was there ever a better way to see the Texas countryside than from horseback? Even before cowboys became synonymous with the…

Scenic Route: Lake Worth Frosty Falls

Lake Worth Spillway in Fort Worth’s Marion Sansom Park creates a cascade on the West Fork of the Trinity River.

18 Places to Go in Texas in 2018

From El Paso to Galveston, uncover our top 18 travel must-dos for 2018.

The Intriguing History of San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden

San Antonio’s Japanese Tea Garden—once an abandoned rock quarry—stands today as a lush landscape with limestone bridges, ponds filled with…

Sushi, Phonographs, and Biking Await in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, in the northeast corner of Texas, combines history, unexpected cuisine, and beautiful scenery that go together just like…

Dog-Friendly Trails, Restaurants, and Lodging in Central Texas

When that road-trip itch needs scratching, I can always count on one friend to join me: my big mutt Max.…

Why 2018 Is the Perfect Time to Revisit San Antonio

Three hundred years ago—before Davy Crockett became a household name, before the Chili Queens served hearty bowls of red on…

Camp Comfort Provides an Antidote to Life’s Stressful Moments with Pizza, Bicycling, and Wine Nearby

Comfort’s effect on me during my recent visit mirrored my thoughts on my first trip more than 20 years ago:…
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