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Speaking of Texas: O'Neil Ford's Public Architecture

Call 940/898-3644 for information about viewing Denton’s Little Chapel-in-the-Woods. (Photo by Kevin Stillman).Residences and businesses designed by O’Neil Ford exist throughout Texas. Some of the most accessible include structures throughout the campus of Trinity University in San Antonio (at US 281 and Mulberry, three miles north of the Alamo), where it’s easy to get a sense of Ford’s affinity for simple lines and parabolic archways. Some campus standouts are Laurie Auditorium, the Parker Chapel, and the Ruth Taylor Theater; the latter boasts Ford’s signature brick buttresses and circular masonry cutouts. See

Also in San Antonio, visit La Villita (, which dates to the 1700s and was the site of Mexican General Santa Anna’s cannon line in the Battle of the Alamo. Restoration of La Villita in 1939 brought Ford to San Antonio from Dallas.

One of O’Neil Ford’s most famous structures is the Little Chapel-in the-Woods in Denton (, a nondenominational place of worship on the campus of Texas Woman’s University.      

—Lori Moffatt

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