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Merge: June 2014


I’m coming back to live in Texas and plan to see every inch of it. Your magazine will be a must read.

 —NOLA HENNESSY, TH Facebook Fan in Mollymook, New South Wales, Australia

Honey-Sweet Memory

I grew up with honeybees on our land and at least one hive always near our house to watch and enjoy [May]. I do miss having them around. They are amazing creatures, and I am just as fascinated with them now as I was as a child. And I was never stung once growing up.


TH Facebook Fan in Houston

Sign of the Times

I’m enjoying my new issue of Texas Highways, however, the photo of the folks around the fireplace in the Davis Mountains story [May] is sad: four people and there is one iPad, two cell phones, and the other guy might be on one, too. It looks like a lovely place with a nice fire, but no communication or warmth. A sign of the times, sadly.


Serbin Surprise

Your article about the Wends and Serbin [April] reminded me of the time some friends and I from Dallas tried to go to Austin but ended up finding a place to stay in Giddings. We went to a festival in Serbin and saw the beautiful decorated eggs, food, and Texas Wendish Heritage Museum. We also toured the beautiful St. Paul Lutheran Church. All of us were happy that we found an unexpected place.

RICHARD COOK, Carterville, Missouri

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our readers note two recent errors that merit correction. The vintage aircraft displayed on the USS Lexington [May] should have been identified as an F-14 Tomcat. And, the oak-shaded deck pictured in an April story about Fredericksburg Wine Road 290 should have been identified as William Chris Vineyards in Hye.


Our favorite social media of the month...

I remember our Dad would load up all his kids and our cousins for a trip to the San Antonio Zoo. The one and only time I tasted rattlesnake meat—no, not like chicken.

Josie Robinson


Readers Recommend

Beautiful in Burnet

I learned of a quaint little place just outside of Burnet called Perissos Vineyard and Winery. I was there as the photographer for the wedding of a coworker, and the grounds and the structure are gorgeous. The food is delicious and the service superb.

                                                                               JANICE E. DAVENPORT, Seabrook

Perissos Vineyard and Winery 
is at 7214 Park Road 4 W in Burnet; 512/820-2950.


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