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Editorial intern Lauren Oakley interviews writer Ian Dille about his July story on Texas microbreweries and discovers he’s a pretty hoppy fellow.

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Fact-checking and editing a story like the March issue’s Nacogdoches piece can be tricky business. For one thing, we realize we cannot include every noteworthy site or attraction in a destination with such rich a history as Nacogdoches, so our goal is to present the author’s take on the subject and trust that it will inspire readers to embark on their own explorations. And since history is always complex (and sometimes even subjective!), we try to find expert readers to help us weed out the half-truths, misinterpretations, and downright errors. In the case of the Nacogdoches story, we asked Jere Jackson, Regents Professor of History at Stephen F. Austin State University, to review the story for inaccuracies. In the process, Jackson provided many other interesting kernels we couldn’t incorporate due to space constraints.

Published in TRAVEL

For a list of the many dance halls and honky-tonks in Central Texas, visit Also check out “Big Bill’s Guide to Country Western Dancing and Dance Halls In and Around Austin” at Following are sites mentioned in the story. Call ahead for more information, including admission, music schedules, dance lessons, and special events.

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