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Written by Lois Rodriguez

celisMonday mornings can be difficult. To combat that first-day-of-the-week blues, we’ll give you something to anticipate with highlights of what’s upcoming and new in the world of Texas travel.

Smoked BrisketIf traversing the Chisholm Trail has upped your hankering for beef, the Texas Beef Council is happy to sate your cravings. Their website, for "Beef Loving Texans," offers recipes, stories, cooking and shopping tips, as well as nutrition information to help you find your way.

ETXBrewingSamplerJune Naylor’s trip to High Hill Farm in East Texas takes you to a retreat just a short drive into the woods outside of Tyler. On her return from that weekend escape, she poked around Tyler and found good shops, food and beverage — mostly new diversions, at that — well worth the trip into town. Put these on your Rose Capital must-do list soon.

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