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Written by Emily Stone

A hiker in the Brazos Woods Preserve

Americans are spending less and less time outdoors.

A field of bluebonnets at sunset.

On an overcast spring morning five years ago, with our 1-month-old baby in tow, my husband and I headed out on a singular mission. My mom was in town for the weekend, and we were determined to get that perfect “child among the bluebonnets” picture that was my daughter’s Texas birthright.

3 people on horseback with cowboy hats.

Tales of heroic cowboys and gritty ranchers dominate much of the state’s literature.  

Cruz Ortiz in his studio

The best destination cities give travelers a distinct feeling that can only be experienced by walking their streets. A visit to a city as rich in culture, colorful in personality, and as central to Texas history as San Antonio is uniquely satisfying.

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