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Merge: March 2014

Big Bend National Park ... I never get tired of its beauty and breathtaking views! Will be back in April for the 10th time! —NORA MARTINEZ, TH Facebook Fan

EDITOR’S NOTE: To give credit where it’s due: Austin-based photographer Al Braden took the captivating image of Santa Elena Canyon featured on February’s cover.

Readers’ Choice: Texas Top 40

Marfa, No. 33, is an awesome place to visit. On one of our trips out there, we saw not only the Marfa Lights, but in nearby Lajitas we saw a “night” rainbow. It was a little after midnight when a thunderstorm passed through; we sat on the
porch and watched as the storm moved west. With the reflection of the full moon and the storm on the west side of the mountains, we saw a beautiful rainbow. It was the talk of the town the next morning!


 LOVE Glen Rose, No. 35. Dinosaur Valley State Park is just one of the many reasons.


Texas Grit

Regarding Matt Joyce’s “Texas Grit” [January]: My mother used to talk about the Dust Bowl. She grew up in Munday, north of Abilene. She used to say that when one of those storms hit, blowing sand and dirt, they would dismiss school at noon so that the busses could run their routes and get the country kids home. It would be dark by 4 p.m. there was so much dirt in the air!



Anyone interested in more about the Dust Bowl should read The Worst Hard Time,
by Timothy Egan. It made me wonder how anyone survived. Texans are tough.


Some Like it Hot

Anthony Head’s article on hot Dr Pepper [January] brought back an experience that occurred in the fall of 1993, while I was employed as an athletic trainer at Andrews High School.
Under W.T. Stapler, the Andrews Mustangs had made the football playoffs in 1991 and 1992, but suffered defeats in the first-round games. Facing a third-year bi-district game in 1993 against Canyon Randall on a very cold night in Lubbock, I was giving thought as to what would be a good half-time drink for the players. My decision was hot Dr Pepper. The players were surprised and had a strange look on their faces, but after taking a few sips of the hot beverage with a slice of orange in it, there were demands for seconds. The team went out for the second half and played well enough to finally win a playoff game. The next week was met by demands for hot Dr Pepper and this continued for the third-week game. An interesting sidelight occurred in the third-game loss when the opponent was none other than the Stephenville Yellow Jackets under the direction of the legendary Art Briles, the current head coach at Baylor University. Perhaps Stephenville had hot Dr Pepper.


A TH Welcome Home

I joined the Air Force while I was attending Texas Tech back in the summer of 1990. Now, I’ll be retiring after 24 years and will be finally heading back to Texas. Your magazine has reminded me of what I have missed and what I can look forward to.

MSgt. RICHARD OLIVAREZ, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts


Our favorite social media of the month...

Hot Dr Pepper [January]: That was a treat at my Grandma Hohn’s house. We’d rush over at 8 p.m. to watch Bonanza and drink hot Dr Pepper.

Suzan Pearson Bernucho

Fort Davis Daytripper [February]: Fort Davis and the McDonald Observatory were both very interesting and even held the attention of our two kids.

Liz Condra Tatum


Readers Recommend

'High Steaks in Salado

Salado is a beautiful and fun place to visit and shop. The best place to eat in is Johnny’s Steaks & Bar-be-que. The mesquite-grilled steaks are tender and the pit barbecue is flavorful. Now Johnny’s has added a huge patio where name bands provide entertainment on weekends in warm months. Enjoy the food and fun at Johnny’s and meet the friendly Aggie owners, father and son Johnny and Josh Bratton. 


Johnny’s Steaks & Bar-be-que is at 301 Thomas Arnold Rd.; 254/947-4663.

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