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Merge: April 2014

We visited Caprock Canyons State Park [March] and loved it! We came all the way from the Netherlands to see ALL of Texas. Yeeehaaaa! —INA VAN BRUGGEN, TH Facebook Fan

Fly Fort Worth

I thoroughly enjoyed the articles on Fort Worth in the March edition. It was good to see some of the great attractions the city offers highlighted. However, both the Savvy Traveler section and the main feature article missed one of the best-kept secrets in the area—the Fort Worth Aviation Museum.

This small, but very relevant museum tells the story of how aviation put Fort Worth on the map—and keeps it there. With 24 aircraft and depictions of history on display, the museum preserves many aviation artifacts and offers inspiration for children and adults alike, along with educational programs for the public on the history and impact of aviation in North Texas.

The museum presents timeline coverage, from Fort Worth’s first flight by Roland Garros, on January 12, 1911, to the multiple training airfields during World War I and World War II located in the area, to the more than 67,000 aircraft that were built in North Texas. Fort Worth has a lot to offer: a revitalized downtown, culture, museums, cattle, railroads—and a significant contribution to aviation.

TOM KEMP, Crowley

Know Amarillo?

Texas Highways never ceases to educate this ignorant Brit. I live in Chesterfield in the middle of England and receive the magazine courtesy of Joel and Angela Ketonen in Garland. 
Recently in a local publication, I read that the headline act in a forthcoming function is to be Tony Christie, who had a huge hit in the UK with his version of the song “Is This the Way
to Amarillo?”  It’s worth a listen if you haven’t heard it. Then I learn courtesy of Texas Highways [February] that such a place really exists and even comes in at 34 on the readers’ list of places to visit. Amazing, I’d always thought that it was just a song title!

Keep up the superb educational work. And if I can ever afford to visit your wonderful state, Texas Highways will have shown me how to get the most out of the trip.  



Our favorite social media of the month...

March Daytripper: Love Kingsland! I’ve been going there since I was a little girl. I’ve been to a few other lakes, but LBJ re-mains my favorite!

Brandy Nash Wilson

Texas Top 40, Garner State Park [March]: Loved going to Garner back in the ’60s and ’70s. Danced a thousand miles on that pavilion floor. Awesome memories!

Cles King


Readers Recommend

Weimar’s Wonders

Susie’s Bakery in Weimar features perhaps the best sweets you will ever have. I tell my sons that they will someday tell their children stories of going to Susie’s to grab a donut or pig in a blanket. When folks turn off Interstate 10 for a homemade cinnamon roll, it will be one of the best decisions they will ever make! The bakery sits across the street from Kasper’s Meat Market, another of Weimar’s treasures.

Rosemary Krhovjak, Weimar

Susie’s Bakery is at 124 E. Post Office St., 979/725-8820; Kasper’s Meat Market is at 119 E. Post Office St., 979/725-8227.

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