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Savor the Last of Summer with These 4 Family-Friendly Adventures on South Padre Island

Written by Paula Disbrowe. Photographs by Amy Mikler.

Savoring Summer South Padre-Style

Much as you’d like to summon the proverbial “lazy days” the season suggests, it’s often a stressful—and expensive—juggle of child care, camps, and fleeting windows to accomplish far too much. However, last summer I was determined to mark my kids’ vacation with a few iconic—maybe even extraordinary—experiences that embody the best of summer’s promise. 

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SPI Sites

For South Padre travel informationvisit the South Padre Island  Visitors Center at 610 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island.
Call 956-761-6433;

Isla Grand Beach Resort 

500 Padre Blvd.
Call 800-292-7704;

SOUTH PADRE Island Adventure Park 

21040 N. State Park Road 100
Call 956-761-4677;

Sea Life Eco Tour and Black Dragon Pirate Cruise 

are both operated by Osprey Cruises at Pier 19, One Padre Blvd.
Call 956-761-6655;

The South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center 

6801 Padre Blvd.
Call 956-761-6801;

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