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Ham Bone Soup

Adapted from a recipe that appears in The Melting Pot: Ethnic Cuisine in Texas, this soup originally depended on fresh…

Shrimp in Olive Oil and Garlic

The Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar in Houston serves this savory seafood dish. Fast and easy, it features a delightful blend…


Gazpacho is a popular Spanish cold soup. It can serve as an appetizer, a liquid "salad," or a meal in…

Sweet Tamales

Adapted from a recipe that appears in Patricia Quintana's book Mexico's Feast of Life, this recipe for sweet tamales was…

Fresh Corn Tamales

Margaret Victor, a high school teacher from Sandia, gives this vegetarian recipe for tamales. For the best flavor, Margaret says…

Zwiebel Kuchen (Onion Quiche)

From the Fredericksburg Brewing Company    

Apple Dumplings

Recipe adapted by permission from Love Creek Orchards' Adams Apple Cookbook, Serves 6-8.
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