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Hush Puppies

Yield: 25-35 hush puppies

Onion Rings

Yield: 3-4 servings.  

Fried Catfish

Yields: 4 servings 1 quart cold water 1 egg 2 lbs. faijita seasoning, divided twice 2 c. flour 1 1/2…

Perini Ranch Steak Rub

Yield: 1/2 c. seasonings, enough for 3-4 large steaks.

Pure Perini: No-frills ranch cooking in Buffalo Gap

By Hal SmithWhat are the odds that a rancher from Buffalo Gap, Texas (pop. 499), would rise to the top…

Matzo Ball Soup

A favorite Jewish dish, Matzo Ball Soup is traditionally served at Passover. Plan to make the matzo balls while the…

Company Challah

Challah is baked especially for the Sabbath and religious holidays. This version is adapted from a recipe that appears in…

Syrup Cake (Gateau du Sirop)

This simple, gingerbread-like dessert is adapted from an old Cajun recipe provided by Jeanelle Hebert Montet of Bridge City, a…

Grilled Country Sausage on Warm Red Cabbage with Spicy Mustard Sauce

Chef Stephen McInerney of Austin's Granite Cafe. Serves 4.

Zelné Závitky (Stuffed Cabbage Leaves)

Czechs as well as many other ethnic groups make a version of stuffed cabbage. This recipe is adapted from one…

Elemental Arracheras

This traditional recipe for fajitas hails from the wood-fire cookouts on northern Mexico ranches.

Mesquite-Grilled Frontier Sirloin

Savory sage and mustard enhance these tasty steaks. You can find mesquite chips at most outdoors stores.2 T. prepared yellow…
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