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Vámonos to the Valley

Beginning in November, as the wind blows cold and winter descends upon most of the nation, thousands of folks head to the Rio Grande Valley. By January, more than 100,000 sun-seekers have temporarily changed their addresses to the Lone Star State. The feature stories in this issue help pave the way for a winter’s worth of recreation and relaxation, but you’d have to stay all year to take in everything.
In the Rio Grande Valley, the orange glow of a spectacular sunset silhouettes a palm grove, one of many such semi-tropical scenes in this part of Texas.

Perhaps you’d like to learn to scuba dive (there are two sites in the Valley, one near Port Isabel, the other near Port Mansfield), see endangered sea turtles at nearby South Padre Island, take accordion lessons (try the Narciso Martínez Cultural Arts Center in San Benito), or see vintage aircraft (visit the Texas Air Museum near Rio Hondo). For help in tracking down Valley attractions of all sorts, stop into the Valley’s Texas Travel Information Center, at 2021 W. Harrison in Harlingen (78552-5948), at the junction of US 77 and US 83. The travel counselors there know their stuff. They can provide you with literature and maps, tell you which highways provide pretty drives, which fruit orchards offer tours, how to find lodging or RV accommodations, and even how to sign up for tours into Mexico’s interior. The center opens 8-5 daily (except for Jan.1, Dec. 24-25, Easter, and Thanksgiving); call 956/428-4477.

From the January 1998 issue.

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