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The Port Aransas Festival Season

Written by John Lumpkin. Photographs by Kenny Braun.

People enjoying sunset on the beach in Port Aransas

Port Aransas likes a party, and residents won’t let the effects of Harvey interfere with that tradition. April brought the annual SandFest, one of the nation’s largest native-sand sculpture competition, and before that, February’s Whooping Crane Festival drew birding enthusiasts from around the world.

Here are the celebrations scheduled for summer 2018 and beyond:

June 22-23
Annual Fishing Break
The 25th edition of tournament team and individual fishing.

July 13-15
83rd Deep Sea Roundup
Touts itself as “the oldest fishing tournament on the Gulf Coast,” funding scholarships and youth activities.

Sept. 21-Oct. 28
BeachtoberFest, including: Port A Music Fest

Sept. 29
Port A Music Fest

Oct. 3-6
Texas competition for 2018 World Food Championships

Oct. 5-7
Mustang Fest (the cars, not horses) in its 10th year

Oct. 25-28
Harvest Moon Regatta, starting in Galveston and finishing in Port Aransas.

Old Town Fest and the Port Aransas Triathlon are in the planning stages. As dates approach, check for details.

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